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Sultanabad, 9ft 4in x 13ft 9in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. One of the most astonishing oriental carpets in the Hudson River Valley collection is this extraordinarily innovative antique Sultanabad. An artfully chosen, naturally dyed, golden wheat tone provides a glowing backdrop for its field populated by asymmetrically placed, continually changing blossom and vinery motifs. The traditional Persian border format is abandoned, as the two secondary borders bear no resemblance in design or size.

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ANTIQUE RUG BAKHTIYARI ca: 300x163cm antico tappeto

SULTANABAD CAMELHAIR , West Central Persian, 9ft 0in x 11ft 11in, Late 19th…

Persian carpet. How could you walk over it and not look down?

Bakshaish Camelhair, 9ft 6in x 9ft 11in, 3rd Quarter, 19th Century. Along with its arresting, organically contoured designs and virtuoso use of natural undyed camelhair, this 150-year-old Bakshaish carpet boasts dexterous rendering and an especially harmonious color palette. An open field is totally devoid of ornamentation, rather is entirely given over to the natural striation of pure camelhair. An elegant, nuanced filigree provides a counterpoint in the surrounding cornerpieces and…

LAVER KIRMAN, Southeast Persian, 11ft 8in x 16ft 2in, Circa 1850. This masterful oversize carpet exemplifies the awe-inspiring beauty and technical mastery of the finest of Persian floral rugs at the middle of the19th century. Its striking, unusually spacious golden sand-toned field that is gently striated and delicately shines through the transparent medallion and corner pieces. This provides an exquisite context for an exotic palette of rarely seen hues, including strawberry and turquoise.