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The discovery of the kyrtel in 2011 was just such a stroke of luck. Made of lamb’s wool and big enough to fit someone about five foot nine, the garment is 1,700 years old.

12th century norse wood panel from a church in setesdal norway. from the edda: sigurd slays the dragon fafnir

Tunic of Pierre de Courpalay (s. 1334), abbot of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, ca. 1330. Produced in France. Now at the Paris, musée de Cluny - musée national du Moyen-Age.

Silver posament knotwork from grave Bj 976, Birka, Uppland, Sweden.

Hibernaatiopesäke Plain tabby weave 1/1. Edging on hood, chain stitch.

Petras textila resa: Vikingatida, isländska, sydda vantar. Viking age, icelandic, sewn mittens.

Chartres, portail ouest

Viking age wooden spoon. Birka, Sweden.

Caftan viking manteau « Ingrid » avec la broderie

Kragelund tunic, bog find dated to 1040-1155 is placed in National Museum of Denmark, Kopenhagen. Some information about pattern.