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Most Pi places memorized - Guinness World Records. The record for memorizing Pi was achieved by Chao Lu (China) who recited Pi from memory to 67,890 places, at the Northwest A&F University, Shaanxi province, China, on 20 November 2005. Chao Lu, a chemistry student, attempted the record after practicing for 4 years. The attempt lasted 24 hrs 4 min and was recorded on 26 video tapes.

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Lindsay Lindberg, also known as Mama Lou, squashed 8 apples with her biceps in one minute, holding the record for Most Apples Crushed With the Biceps in One Minute.

The largest horn circumference on a steer measured 95.25 cm (37.5 in) on 6 May 2003 and belong to Lurch, an African watusi steer owned by Janice Wolf (USA) of Gassville, Arkansas, USA. Sadly, Lurch died at 3 p.m. on 22 May 2010 of a cancer at the base of one of the horns. The body has has been released to a local taxidermist, who will produce a full-sized taxidermy of the steer. Largest horn circumference - steer (ever)

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