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These stainless steel goggles are perfect for your steampunk outfits. Patterned after the welding goggles during the industrial age, these will surely make your gothic and vintage looks more authentic More

Steampunk ideas....wild bat hat with goggles. Removable pieces for existing top…

photo n°4 : Goggles steampunk RQ-BL 'raptor

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Beetle Steampunk Statement Necklace

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photo n°2 : Goggles steampunk RQ-BL 'raptor'

A pair of truly awesome welding goggles with purple lenses! #SteamPUNK ☮k☮ #goggles #cosplay

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Steampunk wedding pirate victorian lace wrist cuffs

Poignets de Steampunk mariage pirate victorien dentelle

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Steampunk victorien lunettes aviateur victorienne soudage biker bonnettes--gcg

Steampunk victorien lunettes aviateur par UmbrellaLaboratory

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steampunksteampunk: Garrett cosplay

Awesome armour (not steampunk i know but this is where the clothes seem to go)

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