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New Hunting Bows 2013: A Sneak Peek at the Best New Compound Bows

La série littéraire et télévisée Game of Thrones est devenue en quelques années un phénomène culturel qui influence de nombreuses sphères.

Cooking Trench - we have a slightly smaller version of this and it works so well over a campfire.

RAGIM Green Tiger Takedown hunting bow

Compound Bows: Anatomy, Lingo, and Buying Tips

A Primer on the Compound Bow

Confederate Revolver Le Mat 1856. The LeMat revolver was a .42 or .36 caliber cap & ball black powder revolver invented by Dr. Jean Alexandre LeMat of New Orleans, which featured an unusual secondary 16 gauge smooth-bore barrel capable of firing buckshot. It saw service with the armed forces of the Confederate States of America during the American Civil War of 1861–65.