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Vari disegni di merletti (page 7r)

Fragments of geometric designs for embroidery patterns; from Sibmacher's 'Newes Modelbuch', Nuremberg 1601. Etching


Model-Buch Dritter Thiel Rosina Fuerst Nurnberg 1676 Pressmark 95.O.16 An embroidery design with pinholes caused by 'pouncing'. Pouncing was a technique which involved pricking out the outline of the pattern with a pin, attaching the page to a piece of fabric, then rubbing soot or charcoal through the pin holes so that when the page was removed, the pigment would be left in place

Italian Reticella Lace - 19th Century - Collection DMC ~ 11021_m236 Paris - Exposition de dentelles - Salon l'Aiguille en fête 2011 - La Villette

Design for reticella lace or point couppe by Federico de Vinciolo from Les Singuliers et Nouveaux Pourtaicts

Detail of my reticello made during a class with Giuliana Buonpadre

Kit banheiro de peixinho com Adriana Alves | Vitrine do Artesanato na TV

Fils et Aiguilles... une Passion: FIORI DI RETICELLO


Italian Punto in aria needle lace, 1570-1629