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Ryoji Ikeda performed "Supercodex" in the opening of the ACT Festival on November 25th 2015, in Gwangju, South Korea. Ikeda reworks musical concepts from his 2013 superposition piece into an immersive club show. What at first sounds like a battle of digital noise, blips and bass drones, gradually engages the listener with elements of techno and dance music, using raw data and mathematical models to generate music and projections. Live, the stark visuals add textures of percussion, as it…

Ryoichi Kurokawa performed "Syn_" at the ACT Festival on November 26th 2015, in Gwangju, South Korea. Abandoning humanism and aesthetics, syn_ explores abstract and musical patterns. In this work, simultaneity and synaesthesia – the correspondence of sensations and perceptions, such as sounds and colors, play masterfully on harmony and dissonance creating a show that many artists and avant-garde filmmakers – from Paul Klee and Norman MacLaren to Vassily Kandinsky had dreamed during the…

Lignes / Courbes / Lumière - numérique, technologies. Hakanai performance numerique hypnotique d'Adrien M et Claire B

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Plexus [1309 05:7]

Playing with Plexus in After Effects. Also used: Trapcode Particular and Looks. Music: "Choices" by yu kadowaki

AHN SANG SOO. Intervention typographique et numérique qui connotent la Corée, accentué avec un fond mis en relation.

The V Motion Project -- Can't Help Myself [Official Music Video]‬

Data viz on the difference between a taxonomy and a folksonomy

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FMP: Experimental Music Graphics

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Glitch Intro

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