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CUISINE D’ESPAGNE ! Avez-vous déjà gouté à ce mets espagnol du nom de Patatas Bravas ? Si ce n’est pas encore fait, vous avez raté quelque chose, car il s’agit de pommes de terre frites, rehaussées d’une sauce à la tomate. Vous en raffolerez. Cette recette se fait en deux étapes. Dans un premier temps, …

Côtelettes de porc aux champignons et aux patates douces en deux étapes

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PHOTOS - Smash, également produite par Steven Spielberg


This video was posted by BBC Comedy Greats on Nov 13, 2009. It’s a clip from Blackadder. In the video, it discusses the superstitions in the theater of not saying the name Macbeth and to call it the Scottish play. In the clip the man decides to torment two actors by repeating Macbeth making them have to say play quotes. This is a real superstition on stage and though the clip is over dramatic it is a fairly accurate depiction of how actors react to hearing Macbeth said on the stage. ~Olivia…

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. . . It is done. I graduated from baking school - with honours. I didn't even fall off the stage. And for the first time in months, I've got time to do stuff. It has been an adjustment; I mostly s...

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Twice-Baked Parmesan Rosemary Sweet Potatoes

6 stewing beef recipes - Slide 1

15 Kidney-Friendly Protein Foods for Keeping Albumin Up - DaVita EAT PROTEIN TO KEEP ALBUMIN AT 4.0

Pulled pork sweet potato's amazing, but make sure to make it the night before like Pippa suggests, it gives so much more flavor!