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тупик, птица, птицы мира, красота, цветы
Landing... @ Edouard Dansette
Régis Fortin Nature en images: Macareux moine(Atlantic Puffin)
In this issue You will see ten of the most amazing birds on Earth who entered our traditional “Top-10″. Of course, decent birds – thousands, if not millions, and they all have something stand out, but according to the rules section, you can choose only ten. So take this hard, but pleasant to wear. 10. …
puffins-muffins! they look like they're fake but it's just good makeup :)
White Faced Whistling Ducks
Keel-billed-Toucan - males and females are indistinguishable. They nest in tree cavities and raise one to five young. Both the male and female incubate the eggs and take turns feeding them.
Color ... puffin
Bullfinch male in blackthorn blossoms                                                                                                                                                                                 Plus
Harpy Eagle