Abu Abdullah Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi (847-781 AD) The foundations of algebra and Allogrtmat excelled in astronomy and geography and is considered one of the first Muslim mathematicians Which contributed to its significant role in the advancement of mathematics Shows genius in the table astronomer who made West learn from writing and arithmetic numbers and spread Arabic numerals preceded by nine zero all over Europe has been linked to the term algorithms (Allogaretmat)

Algebra: Al Khwarizmi (Algorithm). Muslim Scientists who Changed the World

Manuscript-Astronomy Manuscript, Abd al-Raḥmān ibn ʿUmar al-Ṣūfī . Kitāb ṣuwar al-kawākib al-ṯābita,1430-1440

lso known as Algoritmi or Algaurizin. His works introduced Hindu-Arabic numerals and the concepts of algebra into European mathematics

Uqba ibn Nafi was an Arab general who was serving the Umayyad dynasty, in Muawiyah and Yazid periods, who began the Islamic conquest of the Maghreb, including present-day Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco in North Africa. He was the nephew of 'Amr ibn al-'As. Uqba is often surnamed al-Fihri in reference to the Banu Fihri, a clan connected to the Quraysh. His descendants would be known as the 'Oqbids' or 'Fihrids'. Uqba is the founder of the cultural city of Kairouan in Tunisia.

Abu al-Qasim aka Albucasis, was an Arab Muslim physician who lived in…

Ibn Khaldoun, Amazigh Tunisian historiographer & historian who is often viewed as one of the forerunners of modern historiography, sociology & economics. He is best known for his Muqaddimah (known as Prolegomenon in English), which was discovered, evaluated & fully appreciated first by 19th century European scholarship. Western scholars recognized him as one of the greatest philosophers to come out of the Muslim world.

So who was the one known to the West as: AlHazen. . . Well, He was a Muslim scientist, polymath, mathematician,astronomer and philosopher, described in various sources as Arab and Persian. He made significant contributions to the principles of optics, as well as to astronomy,mathematics, visual perception, and to the scientific method.

19/05/1925 :Malcolm X, homme politique américain († 21 février 1965).

Mohammed bin Jabir ibn Sinan al-Battani (929-850 AD) One of the greatest astronomers of the world, the development of theories of the task In scientific algebra and trigonometry Aware of the flags of Arab-Islamic civilization Who came to the product of human genius that is priceless

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