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LEURRE DE CHASSE HAOUSSA Nigeria, Sahel Bois, cuir, bec de calao, graines de rocouyer H_env. 30 cm Porté sur le front par les chasseurs qui rampent dans les hautes herbes pour s'approcher des animaux… - Pierre Bergé & associés - 13/06/2010

Statuettes,Insectes,Oiseaux,Grèce Antique Égyptien,Or Égyptien,Sculptures,Volaille,Objets,Egyptian Ibis

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roughly rectangular shape, with inward-arcing bottom edge; arc-shaped "handle" at top, covered in tooled and twisted leather (?); one side decorated with text and highly stylized quadruped with long, thin legs, long black tail, very long neck and small head (both red) and wedge-shaped body with a hump; body decorated with various patterns--checkerboard, hatching, arcs and diamonds; black, red and brown colors on side with quadruped; opposite side has text in black and red, two grids with…

OGONI ARTICULATED MASK, NIGERIA Carved wood mask featuring an avian beak surmounted by a real hornbill beak to mimic the hornbill with double beak( buceros bicornis), its lower jaw is attached with wrapped rattan . The face is painted in black and red with yellow spots on the jaw. Raised scarifications near the ears and stylized coiffure. Overall good condition with signs of use. 2nd part of 20 th century(This piece is about sixty years old) Ogoni masks can have several functions , from…