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If you say that this isn't fair, remember that when it comes to paying men and women for equal work, this is widely accepted

Clear, short and to the point

Ce que c'est le féminisme VS ce que la société pense qu'est le féminisme.

#Feminism. Also, I love Louise brealey

Véritable Égalité,L'Égalité Des Sexes,L'Égalité Des Femmes,L'Égalité Pour Tous,Rants Féministes,Deserve Equality,Feminism Equality,Asian Feminism,Young Feminist

This poster for violence against women is a great example of feminism. Women still are not considered equal in today's society, even though we are people. A woman should not be respected just because they are your sister, mother or daughter. Women should be respected because we are people, just like men. We are all people. She's a human being and has rights and deserves to be respected as much as the man standing beside her.

Yep. Just think about that as you're falling asleep. CR: I will now, Android. Thanks for that. A: you're welcome. Good night. Car: [sigh] goodnight, Android.


Rowan Blanchard: 'White Feminists Forget That Feminism Means Equality'

Mmhm, yep. :-)

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