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It has been just a few months since the famous lemur, known as ‘Zoboomafoo’, passed away at the age of 20. Duke Lemur Center, home to Zoboomafoo (real name 'Jovian'), is excited to share the encouraging news of the birth of his fifth grandchild! Newborn granddaughter, ‘Isabella’ was born to Jovian’s oldest son, ‘Charlemagne’, and his mate, ‘Pompeia’, at the Duke Lemur Center on Jan. 25, 2015. Learn more, see more…

He's been working on his dance routine for weeks! 10 Animals Who Are Striking a Pose For You.

Loving Lemurs by Ashley Vincent l #love #hug

The Duke Lemur Center announces their first birth of 2015. Lupicina, a female Coquerel’s Sifaka, was born on January 8. Learn more at and at

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I just want to be a sheep. Baa!

Two female Sifaka lemurs, Gertrude and Eleanor, were born on January 5 at the Duke Lemur Center. Gertrude is the daughter of mom Pia and dad Jovian – Jovian being the famous lemur that played Zoboomafoo in the popular kids show. Learn more:

On Christmas Day 2014, ZooAmerica, in Pennsylvania, welcomed three baby Ring-tailed Cats. The two females were named ‘Holly’ and ‘Noel’, and their brother was named ‘Kringle’. The three kits are now on exhibit with their mother, ‘Acacia’.