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End of the Year Math Review: 4th Grade Task Cards

End of the Year Review: 4th Grade Math Task Cards - 120+ math task cards! This set includes 24 cards for each Common Core math domain. It also includes games and activities to go with the task cards

Math Test Prep (Rock the Test) 5th Grade

5th Grade Common Core Math Test Prep (Rock Theme): Help your students rock the test! This pack has a 1 page review for each standard and a 2 page review for each domain. It is aligned to the 5th grade Common Core Standards. There are multiple choice, short answer, and longer extended performance tasks. You can pick from traditional multiple choice or multiple selection (multiple choice questions with one or more correct answer choices). Wow! $

Love this idea! What's the number? Kids ask questions like Is the number greater than/less than....? Is the number between ___ and ___? Is the number in the tens place ____? etc. No two questions in a row can make the same comparison. Or students may ask in number sentences- - Is the number 5+1? Amazing!!

Common Core Math Assessments - 4th Grade

This 60+ page assessment bundle contains quick math assessments for every 4th Grade Common Core Math Standard. There are at least 2 assessments included for each standard. These assessments packs are also available for grades 1, 2, 3, and 5!


Le Maths'opoly - Jeu de monopoly pour réviser les mathématiques

Common Core Standards I Can Statements for 4th Grade Math

Bring the Common Core Standards to life with these easy-to-use "I can" posters for fourth grade math. Just print, laminate, cut and hang! This bundle includes posters for every math Standard. Each standard is illustrated to aid comprehension. The illustrations are cute but not babyish - just right for the age range of students in fourth grade classrooms.

Place value…there's no freebies here, but this is a GREAT way to help older students who are having a problem understanding place value!

4th Grade Math Skills Scoot Mega Bundle

4th Grade Math Skills Scoot Mega Bundle - Make math class something to look forward to! Scoot is a fast paced, whole class game that is simple to make and LOTS of fun! Your students will have a blast working on 4th grade math skills with this set of 27 Scoot games! These Scoot cards are also great for centers and small groups! $


Périmètre en folie... - La classe de Mallory

Find Someone Who - 4.OA.A.1 - Multiplicative Comparison - Common Core Math

Click to see a great math cooperative learning activity for fourth graders that gets them out of their seats! $