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Dack Rambo Picture

Picture of Jeanne Cooper, with her children (l-r) Collin Bernsen,(best known for roles in "General Hospital, and Mr. Destiny) Jeanne Cooper (best known for her role as Katherine Chancellor) in "The Young and the Restless." Her son Corbin Bernsen, an actor/director (best known as a divorce attorney Arnold Becker on series L.A. Law, retired police officer in series Psych, as well as in "The Major League franchise films. Her daughter, Caren Bernsen, role in the movie; "The Trip."

HBD Ted Shackelford June 23rd 1946: age 69

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Guiding Light

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“One of the first questions I asked [“B&B” executive producer] Brad [Bell] and also Patrick, who’s one of the writers, is, ‘Why me, as a cisgendered woman, playing this role, instead of a transgender woman?” Mosley said in a video with Bell released by CBS on Thursday. Bell, also the head writer on the CBS soap, offered his own thoughts on the storyline, noting that it will be interesting to see how Maya’s love interest, Rick Forrester, reacts to the news.

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Three Spencers

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