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Can I have this dance? ♪ Take my hand, I’ll take the leadAnd every turn will be safe with meDon’t be afraid, afraid to fallYou know I’ll catch you through it all I just… I wanted to do this for so long. Jack and Elsa dancing while singing the song “Can I have this Dance?”. IDK MAN it’s just really sooooo cute and romantic and gosh, the fudging feels! I hope Jack looks okay though… something about his face still bugs me… Too lazy to fix. ...

Oh ho ho! Elsa's getting married! I wonder who the guy will be . . Don't anyone dare say Jack Frost.

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Now that's magic! Your favorite Disney princesses just got an epic makeover... Teen Beach 2 style. Just like how Lela fast-forwarded into Mack...

Jack and elsa

Frostbitten. This story could be the Jelsa Movie! Think about it.

A quoi ressembleraient les personnages Disney en 2014 ? (image)

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Allisa, 13. She is very sweet and kind. She is a huge book worm and loves to talk about her books. She has been in this orphanage since she was found by the roadside. She has some trust issues, so if she talks to you openly you must be trustworthy.

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