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That's so sad, but well done Yixing for persevering and not letting anyone stop you from achieving your dreams
an english translation of yixing’s book where he mentions the members and china line. my poor already weakened heart #xingyougo #layhanlives
Wise words from Kim Jongin.
The sad part is, when I'm clapping, in my head I hear...warning, warning, warning, warning....and I do speed up my clapping!  kpop ruined me....
kpop fans can relate
pffft Lay knows the struggle^.^
Just can't hide his true personality!!
Wish LuHan and Kris come back. STOP LEAVING WUSHU PANDA OUT anyways, yea I want them together but if their happier away then so be it
Yixing is just so adorable and innocent