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Antique Chinese Kingfisher Feather Wedding Crown

Indonesia | Forehead crown and chest decorations from part of a woman's ceremonial wedding ensemble; gold and cloth | Early 20th century | Minangkabau people, West Sumatra || {GPA}

Necklace worn by a Karo Batak (Sumatera) bride on her wedding day | Gilded silver and braided red cloth | The main pendant represent the traditional Adat karo house and water buffalo horns indicating high social rank and prestige.

A Kingfisher feather Headdress and Hairpins - China, Late Qing Dynasty

Gold Crown, Silla, excavated from Noseo-dong, Gyeongju, Height 24 cm, Treasure n° 338, National Museum of Korea.

Silver Necklace with coral, turquoise and Agate beads | 600 € ~ sold

Antique Yemen Silver Bridal Dowry Necklace Amulet Coral Dated Coins | craftsofthepast - Antiques on ArtFire

A Richly Ornamented Kingfisher Feather Court Headdress. Qing Dynasty, 19th Century. Highly ornate headdresses of this type were worn with ritual clothes by Manchu ladies on special holidays or informal ceremonial occasions. The technique of inlaying feathers is called dianzi, meaning 'dotting the kingfishers', whereby the feather is cut into shape and attached with glue onto the base.

Chinese coral enamel Kingfisher feather necklace set. Worn as symbol of wealth and status in the Mandarin court about 150 years ago, the brilliant blue of rare kingfisher feathers contrasts with the red beads made from coral imported from Italy