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Cassoulet Castelnaudary

A cassoulet is a rich, simple, hearty casserole that has a wonderful flavor it owes to its very slow cooking time. Originating in the south of France, a cassoulet typically contains pork sausage, goose, duck or mutton with white haricot beans. The dish is named after the type of pot it's cooked in. Like many other dishes that are now considered gourmet or haute cuisine, the cassoulet has very meager origins as a rustic peasant dish.

For your Sunday lunch try this Québecoise recipe: Pain de viande de Saint-Michel-des-Saints. This meat loaf made with beef, pork and delicious seasonal vegetables will make you travel to the other side of the Atlantique Ocean. Bon appétit! The recipe:


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Cassoulet is a famous french dish in sound France areas including Carcassonne, Castelnaudary, Toulouse ... basically a bean stew dish, you can add/omit other ingredients: ham, duck confit, goose confit,Toulouse sausage ...

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Paupiette de vaux is a piece of veal, beaten thin and rolled with a stuffing of vegetables. It is often featured in recipes from Normandy. Usually it's baked in wine or stock. It's very popular in France, sold ready-prepared in supermarkets and butchers. A synonym of paupiette is, in Belgium, oiseau sans tête.

For a warm and satisfying meal, try this delicious harvest soup recipe. The combination of butternut squash and apples makes it a tasty dish for the entire family.

Are you looking for something for an aperitif? Saucisson, or "saucisson sec," is a variety of thick, dry cured sausage that originates from France. Some versions of saucisson also contain pepper seeds, garlic, bits of dried fruit or nuts and cheese such as Roquefort.