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M/S Tour – Dark blue/Dark brown
I'm not usually a shallow person, but if you showed up with this bag, I don't think I could ever turn you down!  This is the materialization of my being!  Classic, crisp, chic, standout... what more could you ask for!? (LV Damier Infini White Keepall 45)
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Buddy - 2014 Ear Long Backpack Collection

Buddy 2014 Ear Long Backpack Collection

$27.94 Leisur Men's Messenger Bag With Weaving and Double Handle Design
No. 165 Medium Carryall in Black by Billykirk
UNIX_닥터백처럼 오픈방식이 간편한 실용적인 토트백으로 스트랩이 있는 스몰,미디움부터 남녀공용으로 들 수 있는 라지사이즈까지 3가지 사이즈로 구성되어 다양한 용도로 사용할 수 있는 디자인입니다.
Leather Duffle Bags For Men
men's weekend bag