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Gaza StripMichael Chertoff Homeland Security came from HAGANAH Army family, Raul Emanuel, Obama's Aide, came from IRGUN/ Stern Gang - the men are heroes in Israel because they founded the nation.

Monde en Question: Libye, Bahreïn, Arabie saoudite... Israël

Video: Israel Lures Protesters Into Trap :    Information Clearing House - ICH

I'm so full of pride today. 138 in the U.N for Palestinian statehood, and we've finally earned observer status. I congratulate all of my people in the U.S and abroad.

A father hugs his killed son a last hug after he was killed by Israeli Occupation Force.

à partir de La boite verte

Les portraits d’Indiens de Frank A. Rinehart

Frank A. Rinehart était un photographe à Omaha dans le Nebraska, en 1898 il reçut une commande pour photographier le Congrès Indien.

The State of Palestine has claimed sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza Strip, and has designated Jerusalem as its capital with partial control of those areas assumed in 1994 as the Palestinian Authority. Most of the areas claimed by the State of Palestine have been occupied by Israel since 1967 in the aftermath of the Six-Day War. In 2012, the State of Palestine was granted non-member observer status by the United Nations (UN).