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Great day for the Whales by Gaby Barathieu on 500px

Mouth Wide Open: Whale Shark via Despite the fact that it can open its mouth to almost 5' wide and has about 300 rows of tiny teeth, the whale shark is a filter feeder and dines on plankton, krill and algae. #Whale_Shark @whaleshark_org #Photography

Photograph Love you... Mother by Tomas Kotouc on 500px

Turtle & Coral by Julio Sanjuan on 500px Turtle and Coral in Roatan (Honduras).

Swimming With Giants by Christian Loader on 500px

Whale shark - Even though huge sharks which can range from 20' to 45' plus feet are really harmless to people, since their diet consists of algae, plankton and krill. They don't have the teeth their meat eating cousins have.