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(Play him) I was taken by a dark haired man, my family were Vampire Hunters. I lived to kill them. I slowly wake up in a fancy bed, that's round and bigger then a queen. "You've awoken, my dear." A deep, smooth voice says. I turn and see him—the Vampire. I look and see no weapons. "I'm Damon, and your my Blood Mate." He says in a smooth voice as he sits near the edge, not too close to me. He points to my neck. I feel marks, his fangs, and marks of a rose go up my neck to my cheek. Oh god.

My first thought when I saw the mask was phantom of the opera surprisingly enough. Love that play, like seriously

dif 05, 13, 84, 83,0 4, 06, alpes maritimes, paca, var, formation

des animations super drôle

Les digital paintings de fantasy à tomber de Victor Adame Mínguez

Mai Hanamura, Idea Factory, Translucent - Hanamura Mai Artbook, AMNESIA, Toma (AMNESIA) #anime