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Shirtless Scott Foley Cuddles With French Bulldog Puppies in Bed?See the Pics! | E! Online Mobile

Shirtless Scott Foley Cuddles Frenchie Puppies in Bed: See the Pics!

La vache qui ne rit plus.
Si classe...
Ryan Hurst as Opie in "Sons of Anarchy"
He makes my top 10. Congrats mr handsome  #theunit #scandal
Whether you're in a relationship or just crushing on someone, our real guy (+ celeb!) experts are dishing their top dating advice to take your love life to the next level.

14 Best Love Quotes of All Time

How can I be Team Fitz but still Team Jake? How can I be Team Olivia but Team Mellie?!? Shonda, you are the only person in this world that can toy with my emotions at this level.... #Scandal
Noel 2.0
Scott Foley      .....rh
Scott Foley: Good to see Scott back on tv. He's great on Scandal.
Bulldog français
Dear Frenchie: Adorable Advice From French Bulldogs

Q: "I'm having an existential crisis!! What the heck should I do to put everything in perspective?"