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Mes Aynak Afghanistan

A reclining Buddha, whose feet are still visible, that is located at the Tepe Kafiriat monastery. The artistry at the site would have been very rich in ancient times.

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Tête de laïc sculpture (technique), stuc Afghanistan, Hadda, monastère de Tapa-i-Kafariha

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"One of the many Buddhist stupas or shrines, found at the major archaeological site of Mes Aynak. (Cheryl Bernard)

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In the ruins of a Buddhist monastery in Afghanistan, archaeologists have uncovered a stone statue that seems to depict the prince Siddhartha before he founded Buddhism. The stone statue, or stele, was discovered at the Mes Aynak site in a ruined monastery in 2010. The statue is estimated to date back at least 1,600 years.

aleyma:Head of a Bodhisattva, made in Afghanistan in the 3rd-5th century (source).

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