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Ikeda, Osaka, #Japan for the Instant #Ramen #museum 阪急 池田駅 (Ikeda Sta.) (HK-49) in 池田, 大阪府 #travel

Robot Restuarant Tokyo - There are the places that everyone recommends you visit… the temples of Kyoto… Nara’s giant Buddha statue… the cement jungle that is Tokyo… To those people I say “bah” and “pshhh, you don’t know what you’re missing out on,” because there’s a whole category of places you’d never think of visiting in Japan that aren’t …

Il y a 276 spécimens de pénis exposés dans ce qui est considéré comme le seul musée du pénis au monde, perdu dans le petit village de pêche de Husavik, sur la côte nord de l'Islande.

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Symphonic Sculpture,Art Museum Hakone-machi, Kanagawa,Japan

The Cherry Blossom Girl - Mermaid Lagoon Tokyo Disney Sea

Osaka-jo[Kin-jo] / Osaka.japan / Designated historic spot of the country [ Yagura and Mon]/ Registration tangible cultural property of the country [Tensyu] / The construction of a castle is 1583./ The building of "Tensyu" is 1585./ "Tensyu" rebuilt it in 1931.