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Petition by 15 year old. Choose english language: at top. >>STOP YULIN<< Author : I'm only 15 and can't stand the thought of animals being tortured for their meat. Yulin dog festival happens every year and during it 10,000 dogs are killed, tortured, skinned alive, burned alive, boiled alive, kept in tiny, crammed cages with other dogs all because it apparently makes them taste nicer when the adrenaline rushes through their body caused by torture!!! ONLY 72 SIGNATURES BY 09-19-15…

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Archangel @mstoysav CHINA EXPOSED Imagine your friend is slaughtered in front of your eyes! Incredible cruelty! RT

Petition: boycott of trade with South Korea until late martyr of cats and dogs in the country

skinned alive for your fur trim/coat

CAN HE STILL BE CALLED HUMAN ?!!! Maomao (毛毛),a golden retriever stolen and mutilated à SHUANGYASHAN (双鸭山 in the HEILONGJIANG 黑龙江) Province 26 november 2014 morning : Maomao (毛毛), an adorable 3 year old golden retriever which had given birth 45 days previously, was stolen.

This is...a dog that was baked alive. Yes, alive. In China. And not an isolated incident. PLEASE sign petitions, donate, become a voice to help end the horrendous practice of torturing and eating dogs and cats in China, Korea, and 9 other countries. Cats are boiled alive to make a "health-boosting soup." Animals endure unthinkable torture, as many ignorant people believe torture "brings out the flavor of the meat." PLEASE HELP!!

This is how animals are treated in several Asian countries, for food and export -- fur to the USA

You might be wondering what this is, and the answer is... a raccoon. Skinned alive, it was tortured by the Chinese Fur Farms. This raccoon lived long enough to look straight into the camera. This animal abuse is insane and disgusting. People are defining humanity as something negative. Would you want to be skinned alive?

Animal rights...They were here before us..