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Petition · Put an end to the cruel hunting trophy·

Petition · BC Liberals: Don't change the limit to wolf and grizzly hunting in the Peace Region. ·

HELP STOP CANNED HUNTING (SLAUGHTER) IN SOUTH AFRICA! The HSUS is an outspoken critic of canned hunting. In a statement, the HSUS called canned hunts "cruel and brutal activities," in which the hunted animal has "absolutely no chance of escape." Some hunting groups, especially those who focus on hunters' ethics, also object to canned hunting. ENOUGH! PLZ Sign & Share Widely to Help STOP THIS VILE INDUSTRY!

Absolutely vile, tourist trophy hunters are paying $3,800 to go and shoot giraffes with high-powered guns and bows. In South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe killing them for sport trophy hunting is legal.

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Urge Congress to Protect Imperiled Animals from Trophy Hunting Cecil BD3F6A85-9082-E11E-6552C85947487B65.jpg (JPEG Image, 800 × 500 pixels)

Petition · Ohio Governor: charge the person who shot and ordered Harambe killed ·