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Catios: Every year, more than 5 million cats are killed by cars, which is one reason why indoor cats typically live more than three times as long as outdoor cats. These are “catios,” or enclosed “outdoor solutions for indoor cats,” Perfect for small courtyards, balconies, yards. When it comes to creating a safe outdoor enclosure where your cat can explore, your only limited by imagination.

Cheap Enclosure Outdoor Cat Furniture | Room With A View Petit Outdoor Cat Enclosure Cheap

Nifty idea. Been thinking about making a dog run for a while now.

I share a lot about how I keep our family healthy (naturally – meaning without chemicals found in traditional home / health / body care products). Today I’m sharing how I keep our Cocker’s m...

The Catio: Safely Giving Your Cat the Outdoors

HOME & GARDEN: Le design du poulailler !

I will definitely have a catio one day! Catio Designs | Outdor Cat Enclosure Designs to Make Your Cat Meow.

Ultimate cat condo by Justin #cats #CatTree #CatCondo