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maybe we'll come across each other at the turning of the century, racing across the breaches between worlds. i'll build my life on that maybe. #marvel

You think we’re just pretty things You couldn’t be more wrong #marvel

Un maximum d'infos et d'images pour Captain America : Civil War

True, you were forged from stars but do not forget one day, stars will be forged from you. #marvel

The Avengers (MCU) - Clint Barton x Natasha Romanoff - Clintasha

Oh god, finally some Clintasha is being passed around! I never got the craze behind Romanogers, they're like a brother/sister relationship or a FWB one. Clintasha truly touches your heart <3 #Avengers

à partir de La boite verte

Des photos sur des tournages de films #3


Always. (I love that there are sooooo many Clintasha edits out there. I ship them. I just wish there were the same for the other Marvel otps.)