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Lauren Kalman “I create wearable jewelry that investigates contexts relating to sex, gender, power, pleasure, pain, taste and beauty. This project originated in response to the architect Adolf Loos’s 1910 lecture Ornament and Crime, criticizing the use of decoration in utilitarian objects. My jewelry, when on the body, enacts Loos’s ‘crimes’ of individualism, eroticism, and ornamentation.”

à partir de MilK decoration

Bijoux de visage

Bijoux de visage | MilK decoration

Christian Hoedl, Unconventional Armour, 2014, headdress, cotton, stainless steel, ribbon, 406.4 x 304.8 x 76.2 mm, photo: artist (Austria/Germany)

Necklace & Hair Jewellery - Évelie Mouila This jewelry reception the hair, and creates bunches of your hair. Acts as jewellery with new functionality.

Monika Brugger- bijou dématérialisé en expérience de lumière