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Peter Bauhuis Medal: Asparagus Order of Doberlug 2012 Zinc silver, textile

Silvia Walz Medal: Bonne Maman 2012 Copper, silver, enamel, resine 12 x 4,5 x 0,8 cm "Bonne Maman" is a con-decoration for all grandmothers, who are both mothers and daughters. A medal for fighting in the front of the everyday and the great value of resisting the enemy "day to day" with a sweet composure. Silvia Walz. 2012

Laurence Verdier - Broche « too late »

Jorge Manilla Medal: Los Olvidados 2012 Leather, wood, silver

Beate Eismann, Brooches, 2012

Rebecca Strzelec :: Octane Medal 2007, for Anti War Medals Exhibition

Kepa Karmona Medal: Gestalt: Unraveling PC 2012 Circuit, watch machinery, rotor, copper sheet, steel wire, optical screws 11 x 5,7 cm

Elvira H. Mateu Brooch: Condecoración al Ciudadano Hipotecado Medio 2012 Pine wood strips for modelling, brass, textiles

Alexander Friedrich Piece: Medal of Honour 2010 Jacket, thread

Jessica Todd - Blue Collar Medal (Family Tree #3) Date Completed: March 2012 Medium: used clothing, brass, copper, nickel silver, stainless steel Dimensions: 5” x 4.25” x .5” Plus récent Plus ancien Date Completed: March 2012 Medium: used cl...

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