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Abandoned clouded leopard cub reared in bathroom

Nimbus being bottled fed. Abandoned clouded leopard cub reared in bathroom

How to become a zoo keeper

30 Scènes Féeriques que vivent vraiment les Photographes Animaliers - page 2

Parce qu'eux aussi pensent avoir un vrai talent de photographe, voici des animaux qui veulent prendre des photos.

We’re so jealous of this guy who got to hug a baby elephant

I wish i had this job!!! getting hugged by baby elephants... there could not be a better thing!

Lion and lioness

Leopard cub abandoned by its mother raised by zookeeper in the bathroom of his family home

Nimbus the clouded leopard was reared at home by Jamie Craig with a helping hand from his daughter Niemi Craig. The animal is now being bottle-fed milk (pictured)


Zoo Keeper/Protecting all animals, I love animals!! wish they were treated more respect

Zoo Keeper sample resume

Keepers at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park are taking extra-special care of a 2-month-old giraffe calf named Congo.