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What is Love? A Sacred Geometry Experiement

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fibonacci spiral in nature shell - Google Search

felixinclusis: dailyequilibrium: THE GOLDEN MEANS TO NO END ..! wasbella102: By David Holt.

°Heart, Anahata Chakra - Sacred Geometry Art by PearlWhitecrow. I Love: "Love is the answer to everything in life I give receive Love effortlessly unconditionally"

Golden Ratio: Spiral of Conscience superimposed on Da Vinci's drawing Vitruvian Man. The drawing is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius.

fibonacci spiral in nature shell - Google Search

puzzle oeuf - Google Search

Fossil This picture of a fossil is a continuous shape, going around leading it to get bigger in size. Having a bumpy outer shell with no smooth edges, the pattern on the shell is natural and jagged creating a broken texture.