Task 7: Initiate and maintain family contacts: Parent Volunteer Sign Up

Parent Volunteer form to print add an open sign up to current volunteer schedule for things that don't involve students such as bulletin boards etc...."am available during this time"

Random Acts of Kindness Board: full of RAK ideas as well as section titled "Lend a Hand" where residents can earn a hand meaning they did a random act of kindness. #reslife #bulletinboard #ra

Parent Communication Log- Don't really need one this elementary, but my goal this year is to contact every parent at least once per semester... especially for the students who are doing great or are showing improvement! (:

Kates Classroom Cafe: Volume Practice Freebie

Je lis un livre, choisir un livre

Free PTO membership form to send out to parents from the PTO Today File Exchange.

Have kids make their own paper doll version of themselves

Biome Facts and Map of Biomes- perfect color me map that tells students what to color where! Finally!

Une nouvelle affiche sur les règles de l'école

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