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How to Make Paper Flowers Tutorial from @Elaine Hwa Tricoli's Eat Grandpa {Cori George}!

GuideForDreamers: DIY - Tissue Paper Peony Flower

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DIY pimp your chair!

3 idées DIY pour pimper ses chaises en peinture

Magazine designed lamps #craft #swedish (ok, that's just cool and inspiring. Time to make lamps)

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painted wood stumps as tables

Tissue Paper Flower Runner: Use around 8 sheets of tissue paper for each flower and punched all 8 layers at once. Staple together your stack of flowers (3.5 inch size). Scrunch up your first flower layer to the center. Repeat with each layer and then fluff back out to form flower. Adhere the flowers to a base of book pages border punched down each side to add to the elegant feel. Be sure to adhere both the pages and flowers altogether.