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Cassie Ainsworth

Effy (Effy [Elizabeth] Stonem)

Why are you leading me on Everytime that we are alone?

Hello, I'm General Callie Parker. My job is to train you and keep order in the camps. I'm tough so no messing around.

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"I don't like that face," Sarah said, glancing up from her paperwork. "This is just my face," Lexi said innocently. "No," Sarah corrected. "That's your 'I have an idea that's going to get us both in trouble' face." "You'll like this one." "I highly doubt that." "Fine," Lexi said rebelliously. "Then I won't tell you." "Fine," Sarah retorted, turning back to her paperwork. Lexi waited in silence. Finally Sarah sighed and looked back up. "Okay," she said. "What is it?" Lexi grinned. ~Ash Brownd

"I'm dying." She whispered before turning to stare at the snow covered landscape, "And there's nothing you can do."