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Portrait of a Confucian scholar, Late Joseon dynasty. Attributed to Yi Che-gwan (1783-1837). Joseon Korea

Portrait of Emperor Gojong (age 49)

King : Taejo(이성계) of Joseon, the founder and the first king of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea, and the main figure in overthrowing the Goryeo Dynasty. He was posthumously raised to the rank of Emperor in 1899 by Gojong, the Gwangmu Emperor, who had proclaimed the Korean Empire in 1897. Korea

Suwon Korean dance performance sword dance Suwon South Korea by Derek Winchester on Flickr

Queen Min, the last queen of Korea

Miryanggobeomnibagikbyeokhwamyo(Bak Ik's ancient tomb with mural in Gobeop-ri, Miryang) Historic Sites 459. Early Joseon Period. Bak Ik was a civil official who lived from 1332-1398.

[Joseon Dynasty (18th century)] Album of Genre Paintings by Danwon (Kim Hong-do) | Korea

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Portrait of official from Korea's Goryeo period. This man lived from 1304-1382, 100 years before Columbus even discovered America! @_@