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And that episode after Tony's car accident, when Maxxie taught him how to write again.

And why was the first generation the best? Well just re-watch that moment when Chris was buried.

Image - origamie de michael scofield - prison break - Skyrock.com

"Be good. Fuck it. Be bad!" Maxxie, Sid & Anwar (Skins - Series 1 & 2) Mitch Hewer, Mike Bailey and Dev Patel

This show's totally my guilty pleasure. Cassie and Sid are probably my favorites, but the next two casts are good too.

Chris <3

Visuels et illustrations Harry Potter sur le web - 14 - polynectar / polyjuice

skins generation 3

<b>Nope, not the whole show. Just the first two series.</b>

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