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Zaitao, Prince Zhong of the Second Rank of the Qing Dynasty. Zaitao (23 June 1887 - 2 September 1970), pseudonym Yeyun (野雲), was a Manchu prince of the Qing Dynasty. He was a half-brother of the Guangxu Emperor and an uncle of China's last emperor Puyi. In 1911 Zaitao was appointed as a minister of the military consultant department (軍諮大臣) and placed in charge of the Imperial Guards (禁衛軍). He was also designated as the commander of the Mongol Bordered Yellow Banner.

The Qing Dynasty Cixi Imperial Dowager Empress On Throne

Qing Dynasty princesses

Zaifeng (12 February 1883 – 3 February 1951), titled Prince Chun or more formally Prince Chun of the First Rank (醇親王), was the last Qing Dynasty (Manchu Dynasty) ruler of China, as Prince-Regent during the reign of his son the emperor Puyi, 1908–1912 AD. Zaifeng was a younger half-brother of Puyi's predecessor, the Guangxu Emperor.

Who Murdered China's Emperor 100 Years Ago?

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Felix Beato - “Prince Kung, Brother of the Emperor of China Signer of the Treaty.”

Chinese Empress Wanrong with Isabel Ingram and Reginald Johnston, tutors to the Imperial family, 1924.

清东陵 Eastern Qing Tombs

Empress of China, Empress Dowager Ci Xi, Ruler of Manchu (Qing Dynasty) China, 1861 till her death in 1908.

清朝隆裕皇后1908. Empress of China in 1908. The postcard was posted from Beijing to France in 1909. It's back shows at B64.

Wealthy Manchu women.