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Forded into hard labor at the tender age of 14, Kathleen Legg’s only crime was being born out of wedlock. The Magdalene Laundries seemed the perfect solution to hide her “shameful secret”. She was sent to St Mary’s Training School, Stanhope Street, Dublin, where she lived and worked in horrific conditions. Here is Kathleen at the workhouse in Dublin aged 15.

June & Jennifer Gibbons were born April 11,1963 and grew up in Wales. They became the subject of books as "The Silent Twins" due to their choice to communicate only with each other, in their own language. They wrote brilliant works of fiction but were convicted of arson, and were committed to Broadmoor Hospital for 11 years. Prior to their release in 1993, they informed the CEO that Jennifer would have to die, "to allow June to be free." On that very day, Jennifer died suddenly at aged 29.

Biafra. Photo Don McCullin.

July 1936. Hill House, Mississippi. "Sharecroppers' families gathering needs for their Fourth of July celebration, whites and blacks together." 4x5 nitrate negative by by Dorothea Lange for the Farm Security Administration.

Child Labor by Lewis Wickes, look how little he is, poor little guy

Kids always know how to make you smile...Kentucky, 1972

1800s England Middle Class by Christina

Edinburgh, 1900's

The Great Potato Famine, Ireland, 1840s. The poor farmers in Ireland were dependent upon potatoes to survive. Interestingly, despite the huge number or starving people on the island, huge numbers of crops (such as corn and grain) were exported for profit rather than used at home.