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Tapioca Pudding first appeared on September 4, 1986. She is in the same class as Linus and Charlie Brown. Her most common character trait is probably talking too much. She always talks on and on about herself, or her father, which often bores and annoys other characters. She has a crush on Linus, which annoys Sally Brown. She last appeared on December 1, 1986.

Marcie, the Athlete...not! Marcie, who never willfully volunteered to play sports with the other kids, often found herself in the middle of a game she didn't quite understand. Despite her aloofness to the games, she usually did pretty well for herself and the teams!

à partir de Peanuts Wiki


Thibault first appeared in the strip from June 4, 1970, in which Charlie Brown was very surprised by his unusual name. Thibault is shorter than most of the other Peanuts characters, he is angry, argumentative and has a generally unpleasant personality. Thibault appears again in the strip from July 30, 1973, when he criticizes Peppermint Patty for letting Marcie play on their team, just because she is a girl. Ironically, he ignores the fact that Peppermint Patty is a girl, too.

Harold Angel is a very minor character in the Peanuts comic strip. He first appears in the strip from December 24, 1983, but is first mentioned in December 16 of that same year. In the storyline in which he first appears, Sally is in a Christmas play in which her only line is "Hark". Sally insists that after her line, a person named Harold Angel will sing but Charlie Brown and Linus both assume that she misunderstood or misheard, and that no child named Harold Angel is supposed to sing.

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