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Africa | 'Pumbua nyanga' type dance mask from the Pende people of DR Congo | Wood, fiber, raffia cloth and pigment

Africa | Helmet mask from the Fang people of Gabon | Wood, raffia and pigment | 20th century

Africa | Mask from the Biombo people of Lusambo province D.R. Congo | ca early 20th century | Vegetable fibers, feathers, bone

Africa | Male 'Kifwébé' mask from the Songye people of DR Congo | Wood, pigment, natural fiber

Mask from the Suku people of DR Congo | Mid 20th century | Wood and pigment

Pende Pumbu Mask, DR Congo…

Africa | "Phumbu aufumu" mask from the Pende people of DR Congo | Wood, pigment and natural fiber

Democratic Republic of the CongoA PENDE MASK, Cornelis Pieter Meulendijk, Rotterdam (1912-1979) Christie's London, 21 October 1980

Africa | Mask from the Kasai Pende people of DR Congo | Wood, feathers, textiles and natural fiber

Africa | Mask from the Yaka people of Kwango, Bandundu, DR Congo | Wood and raffica | ca. prior to 1924 | The mask shown here with a sculpted "doll" in the place where normally a face would appear is a rather rare plastic variation of a ndeemba mask used in the mukanda ritual.