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kawaii rin and rin

Pokemon humanisé ! - Page 3

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Le zodiaque des Vocaloids ! (Je suis Teto, mais j'aurais préféré être Miku !!! ) et vous, quel Vocaloid êtes-vous ?

Ready for our Pokémon journey!

Panda, bears twin. Hes always frogotten about so he's a little anti social and he is as sweet as his brother... He sat in the alley way like he usually did waiting for someone to come along and notice him. He then noticed a girl ( cheyenne) she was talking away to his twin brother. She looked over ans saw panda. " hey.. you loo lonely.. do u mind joing us." " s-sure" panda said overjoyed that he was finally noticed. He has a thing for cheyenne :3

Len and Rin dressed up as Link and Linkle

Natsu Dragneel et Lucy Heartfilia (en mode Volcaloid, si si, c'est les fringues de Kagamine Rin et Len)

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