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Thought of the Day: The truly wise are always afraid

How I imagined one of the castles for my story Defiance.

Hive City

A Hive City or simply a hive, is a massive arcology, or self-contained city, that is home to millions of human beings loyal to the Imperium of Man and which are often found in clusters on the densely populated urban planets known in the Imperial lexicon as Hive Worlds. Hive cities have been built up over thousands of years, in many cases stretching back into the Dark Age of Technology long before the founding of the Imperium. Hive cities are layered constructions of rockcrete and…

Warhammer 40,000 Art Dump - Album on Imgur

Scintilla_city.jpg (230×631)

spassundspiele: “ FIELD OF THORNS – HERESY – fantasy concept by Ihor Pasternak ”

Warhammer 40,000 Art Dump - Album on Imgur