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Tony Hough‎Battlefleet Gothic Space Nuke! A huge nuclear shockwave decimates an Eldar fleet as Imperials observe.

Tony Hough‎Battlefleet Gothic Imperial Bridge. Ship approaching space station on an asteroid. The ships seen through the window were the standard design for Imperial battleships in this early version of BFG Ink on paper from 1990.

Tony Hough‎Battlefleet Gothic Someday, Son.... Trying to convey the sheer scale of the ships in BFG! The exterior of the ship we're in spreads out like a huge city in space. I used a 0.18mm isograph pen for detailing. The actual original is very small. Drawn around xmas 1989.

Rogue Trader - Warhammer 40k - Port Wander - Space Station

Tony Hough‎Battlefleet Gothic Red alert! Damage teams scramble onboard an Imperial vessel. Battlefleet Gothic illo from 1990.

Forums / Sculpture / Simonminiature: Mierce en vrac P13 - Mini Créateurs

Tony Hough‎Battlefleet Gothic Eldar Ships Attack. Battlefleet Gothic illo from 1990

Daemon Prince of Tzeentch/Nurgle by SpaceWaffle, via Flickr

Imperial Gothic Class Light Cruiser - Vorax (Voracious) - Battlefleet Gothic