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"If there's one thing I learned from my father. It's to never give up, even…

Adult Gotenks. Maybe I'm just not versed very well in DBZ video games, but I would like to see this in Xenoverse. Always have wondered what the adult version would be like. I think this gif is from Dragon Ball Heroes.

Future Trunks--I hope he makes it into Dragon Ball Super. I enjoyed his dynamic character in Dragon Ball Z. And I hope that by having Trunks return it might set a similar tone to when he was there in the past. I can recall just how intense Trunks could make a scene in Dragon Ball Z when I was a kid. How everything Trunks did had such an upmost intensity and dire consequence if it wasn't performed. I hope to see Trunks. I really do. #SonGokuKakarot

Best super hero ever

Dragon Ball- I swear this part made me cry when Goku met his grandfather again

Trunks!! Needed to do a quick fun drawing. I remember how big of a deal Trunks was when I was in High School. DBZ had barely started playing on American TV and the only people that knew about him were those who’d seen his episodes through bootleg VHS tapes. So much fun.

Don’t worry about the world when they are around.