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Five More Dungeon Business Cards!

Here is the map of #mapvember challenge Day 9 : #Refinery Isadril the Sparkling The jeweler master Isadril lives in a small house built on a hillside that hides his precious lode. His home also serves as a shop. Isadril is known throughout the old world for these exceptional jewels, especialy his rare purple gemstones. In reality, Isadril hired a gnomes team to do all the work. From the mining to the jewelry creation. The Gnomes live hidden in the tunnels dug into the mountain.

ten-crown-river-cave-production.jpg (1612×1059)


These Dungeons & Dragons Maps Are Beautiful

#Mapvember Day 28 : #Cure Marmaacar's grotto 2nd moon of Forn, 429 PK I finally managed to find the cave of Marmaacar ! The exploration wasn’t easy, but it takes more than a simple cave to stop a dwarf ! I found the root that the old hermit told me to bring back. But by my beard, the smell it releases is unbearable! It only remains for me to quickly return to see this old crazy healer, or this cursed infection in the arm will eventually kill me. The skin around the wound begins to turn…

The Japanese Warship / Atakebune, a battle map for D&D / Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Warhammer and other table top RPGs. Tags: water, fort, base, town, set piece, building, ship, vehicle, eastern, oriental

#Mapvember Day17 : #checkpoint The Slakus toll The Duke of Brien governs his land with an iron hand. He controls and taxes all travelers who use the roads that cross his territory. The Duke chose the narrow passage of Slakus to build a toll. The watchman and his family live in a small house by the roadside. Patrollers regularly take advantage of the barn to stop for a few days. As usual you can download Free High quality map for your personal use on the blog…


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