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Golden Globe ~ softish seeds with bright reddish-orange flowers that bloom over a long season. Eversweet ~ Red skinned fruit with clear arils. Juice from arils is reported not to stain. In some areas seems to be bi-annual bearer but may depend on area. Granada ~ Sweet with a slight tart taste. Skin is dark red and fruit is medium sized

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The Sweet Charlie Strawberry is, as the name implies, very sweet, even when eaten right off the plant. They are very vigorous, and produce large fruit, yielding high crops that are disease resistant. The strawberries of the Sweet Charlie Strawberry plant are medium in size, with a deep red color. The Sweet Charlie is the top commercial strawberry variety grown in Florida.

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Pineapple Guava, another great variety to grow!

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Giant Blueberry Self-fruitful.Wow! These are the biggest blueberries you'll ever see—up to 3/4"! Sweet and tasty berries are perfect for fresh eating, and will also make outstanding pies and preserves. You'll enjoy loads of blueberries every season! Not available in CA, OR. Product Information: Light: Full sun Harvest: Late summer Height: 4-5' Bloom Time: Early summer Size: Potted Zones: 3 to 8