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Deep wisdom, Wise-men, Raven lore, Ornithomancy, profound companionship. (Lon & Lino - photo by Laetitia)

The raven was a common device used by the Vikings. Ragnar Lodbrok had a raven banner called Reafan, embroidered with the device of a raven. It was said that if this banner fluttered, Lodbrok would carry the day, but if it hung lifeless the battle would be lost. King Harald Hardrada also had a raven banner, called Landeythan (land-waster). The bird also appears in the folklore of the Isle of Man, a former Viking colony, and it is used as a symbol on their coat of arms.

Corvid | Crow | Raven | La Corneille | Il Corvo | 烏 | El Cuervo | ворона | 乌鸦 | photography by Ralf Kistowski

Raven are one of the top 3 most intelligent animals. Humans, monkeys, ravens. (PBS special on ravens and how intelligent they are)